Jamari Wines

Jamari Wines

Jamari Wines, born in May 2009, is a young family run company. Our aim is to deliver well crafted wines with a contemporary approach. We employ the expertise of Ronell Wiid, winemaker for Hazendal (Stellenbosch), who guides us through the process from conception to production. We make use of well established facilities in Stellenbosch where storing and bottling takes place.

Great care is taken to source superior wines from reputable producers, which are then blended to keep with the style and direction of our brand. Our wines branch into two tiers. The bold Jamari range caters to the more discerning palates and its sister wine, Izarra, being the softer more conventional option.

We produce a limited release of wine per year which we market both locally and internationally. By doing short runs of different varietals we plan to keep our product exclusive and our customers enticed.

Jamari wines
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